Spotlight on: The Sisters at BEACON

BEACON was founded in 1992 by Sister Eileen Heaps to address the need for adult literacy education in Prince William County. Today, four Sisters and Postulant Kay Fitzgerald directly continue Sister Eileen’s mission.

Sister Doris Nolte is a co-facilitator of the new CareGiver pilot program. A retired principal, classroom teacher, and registered nurse, Sister Doris brings a life-time of experience to the program. Sister Doris teaches basic functions and an orientation to entry-level CareGiver careers, such as Certified Nurse Aide and Home Health Aide, to advanced level students interested in healthcare.

Sister Dolores Dean and Sister Charlotte Lange are teachers in the ESOL program. Sister Dolores works with Advanced Level students and focuses on improving reading skills. Sister Charlotte tutors Monastery domestic staff in speaking and reading English. Additionally, she and Sister Cecilia Dwyer, Prioress of the Benedictine Sisters, are members of the BEACON board.