Introducing our newest donor, the Crimsonbridge Foundation

Our many donors make the work we do at BEACON possible, and it is with great pleasure that we introduce you to our most recent partner, the Crimsonbridge Foundation. Based in Bethesda, this private foundation supports nonprofit organizations and programs dedicated to education and leadership to affect positive, lasting social change in our communities.

Established in 2016 as the grantmaking arm of the Crimsonbridge Group, the Crimsonbridge Foundation believes that the potential of all people can be realized through education, and that creative collaboration and outreach can help bring large scale, sustainable change. Their grantmaking focuses on Education, Leadership, and Capacity Building, employing a strategic and entrepreneurial approach as an investment in social advancement.

Since 2015, BEACON has received $15,000 in support from Crimsonbridge to help further its comprehensive adult English language programs.

“The impact of organizations (like BEACON) is transformative,” says Danielle M. Reyes, Executive Director of the Crimsonbridge Foundation. “When adults have the language skills needed to succeed at work and in the community, it benefits their children, our economy, and the future of this region.”

While BEACON’s partnership with the Crimsonbridge Foundation rests under the pillar of Education, the foundation also focuses on Leadership, in which they invest in the development of non-profit leaders and schoolteachers around the region. Capacity Building completes the foundation’s cornerstone, focusing primarily on efforts to reach non-English speaking parents with information and access to services and programs that will better serve them and their children. One way Crimsonbridge has done this is by helping nonprofits create microsites in Spanish using human translation, video, text messaging options, and other tools found to be more effective with communicating with Spanish speaking and other parents.

The Crimsonbridge Foundation supports educational programs that break down language barriers, offer a quality education for immigrant youth, and work to realize the talent and potential of non-English speaking parents and their children. Gabriela Smith, Founder and President of the foundation notes, “There are many organizations making great efforts to help provide educational and job training opportunities. We need to build this capacity and make consistent, innovative, collaborative efforts to create and cultivate effective opportunities for these communities to prosper.”

For 25 years, BEACON’s outreach has made lasting, positive changes teaching English to immigrants of Northern Virginia, many of whom live at or under the poverty level. Danielle Reyes agrees, “Through its Adult English Language programs, BEACON offers adults an opportunity to develop language skills that are a pathway to employment, career advancement, community participation, and parental engagement in their children’s education.”

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Working with Child Trends Hispanic Institute, the Crimsonbridge Foundation has also developed a new communication called, Reaching and Engaging with Hispanic Communities – a Research-Informed Communications Guide for Nonprofits, Funders, and Policymakers, which is available as a free download from its website,