Letter from the Director: Winter 2016


BEACON for Adult Literacy, like many Adult Education literacy organizations across the country, is undergoing change. The Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) has shifted education (at all levels) to have a strong focus on job readiness skills and career pathways. While any change can be challenging, BEACON is approaching the future with optimism and a focus on how the program can grow and continually improve. Read more

BEACON Fall Appeal

Maria is BEACON’s latest inductee to US Citizenship

Dear BEACON friend:

“I can’t believe I did it.

When I came here I didn’t have any education; this is what is beautiful about America, I am doing many things now, I have a good job, and I can get an education.”

Maria is BEACON’s latest inductee into US Citizenship. She came to the United States from Honduras because she wanted a safe place to raise her family and with greater opportunities for education and employment. Her dream of becoming a citizen was accomplished in July 2016.

There is little argument about the importance of immigrants in our country’s history.  The US has been gifted by the blending of the customs, cultures and traditions of our founders and predecessors that have made America the great country that it is today. Read more

Letter from the Director(s), Spring 2016

to all our friends and supporters of BEACON.

2015 has been a very exciting and productive year for BEACON.

In 2015 we received over $140,000 in foundation grants. Over 90% of these funds were allocated to direct services—educating students and supporting our volunteers.

In Program Year 2014-2015, we set out to improve systems and services at every level of the organization: adult education, volunteer management, leadership development, fundraising, marketing/communications and staffing.

BEACON classes operate both days and evenings at five sites in Manassas/Manassas Park; our newest site commenced in September through a partnership with The Life Church in Manassas. We engaged over 100 literacy volunteers that provided support to 326 students. Read more

Letter from the Director: Summer 2015

Over 1,000 adults have received ESOL instruction and over 300 people have volunteered in some capacity to support our mission and scope of work. Sometimes I am in awe of what our dedicated staff has accomplished. We are blessed to have so many professionals dedicate a piece of their lives to volunteer service, working with our students and volunteers and supporting staff in all areas of program delivery and management.