BEACON’s Site Partners

BEACON enjoys a solid and dedicated network of site partners who consistently support our program objectives while serving their respective immigrant communities by offering free classroom space and generous support for the teacher volunteers. Currently, all of BEACON’s ESOL, Citizenship, Pre-GED, and Financial Literacy classes are held at local churches.

Nestled in the heart of Old Town Manassas, Bull Run Unitarian Universalist church is the evening class site for three levels of ESOL: Low Intermediate, High Intermediate, and Advanced, as well as Citizenship and a Financial Literacy class once a week during the winter semester. Martha, a veteran volunteer who has taught English at this location for eight years, shares, “Our church is actively involved in the local community and committed to providing a safe environment for those interested in participating in Beacon’s adult literacy classes. It is our hope that the Beacon students who walk through our doors will leave feeling more comfortable and able to navigate the community in which they live.”

The spirit of giving back to the community is alive and well at the First Baptist Church, which opens their doors every Monday and Wednesday morning for True and High Beginner classes. “I really enjoy being a BEACON volunteer,” says instructor Kris Schrock. “The staff here at First Baptist Church is always so gracious and accommodating.”

BEACON’s largest site partner is Bethel Lutheran Church, offering space for both morning and evening classes. Mornings offer High Intermediate, Low and High Advanced, and Citizenship, in addition to a winter semester of Financial Literacy and workforce readiness classes once a week.

True Beginner, Low Beginner, High Beginner, Pre-GED Math and Pre-GED Language Arts classes are held in the evenings. Pastor Jeff Wilson recognizes the church’s long history with BEACON, and comments, “We believe God gave us a building to use, and called us to be engaged for the benefit of the whole community. We don’t have the ability ourselves to offer these programs. That’s the beauty of this partnership!”

Krista Brocker of the Manassas Presbyterian Church is proud of her church’s contribution to BEACON. “We are honored to help BEACON empower members of our immi- grant community with knowledge of the English language.”This site offers lower level ESOL, Pre-Literacy class, True Beginner, Low Beginner, and High Beginner classes, and Low Intermediate, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

BEACON’s newest partner is The Life Church, which hosted a fall semester of High Beginner and Low Intermediate classes, and is also hosting the latter for the winter semester. “It has been a genuine pleasure partnering with BEACON,” said church member Melissa Beaudoin. “Our first semester was a great success thanks to the training, guidance, and support of BEACON’s staff.”
BEACON is grateful and proud of its partnerships with these organizations as they work together to educate and empower its community’s immigrants.