BEACON Fall Appeal

Maria is BEACON’s latest inductee to US Citizenship

Dear BEACON friend:

“I can’t believe I did it.

When I came here I didn’t have any education; this is what is beautiful about America, I am doing many things now, I have a good job, and I can get an education.”

Maria is BEACON’s latest inductee into US Citizenship. She came to the United States from Honduras because she wanted a safe place to raise her family and with greater opportunities for education and employment. Her dream of becoming a citizen was accomplished in July 2016.

There is little argument about the importance of immigrants in our country’s history.  The US has been gifted by the blending of the customs, cultures and traditions of our founders and predecessors that have made America the great country that it is today.

BEACON designs and customizes the program to meet the changing needs of our students, our community and the regional workforce.  Over half of BEACON students are jobseekers or underemployed.   Our classes not only teach them English but also job readiness skills, how to conduct a job search and obtain jobs that meet the needs of local employers. BEACON has established a strong workforce development program and most recently added a Career Pathways initiative. Our CareGiver Pre-Training Program provides students with an orientation to entry-level occupations in the high-growth healthcare industry.

Founded by the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia in 1992, BEACON for Adult Literacy has provided services for nearly 7,000 low-income adult immigrants by teaching them to read, write and speak English and to learn about our government, history, rights and responsibilities of US citizenship and the American way of life.  In 2017, we will celebrate our Silver Jubilee—25 years of service to the community!

Please make a gift to BEACON so that we may continue to provide quality educational programming that helps immigrants pursue their dreams of becoming our newest Americans. 



Jennifer Mora Zuniga
Executive Director

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