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The New BEACON Website

It is common in the non-profit world for organizations to face challenges in keeping institutional technology up to date. With mission-critical expenses stretching funds to their max, upgrades to computer systems can be difficult to afford, let alone redesigning and relaunching a website. This is unfortunate because in the quest for visibility, volunteers, partnerships and […]

Spotlight: Our Americorps Volunteers

The AmeriCorps members serving BEACON help provide much needed support for the entire program. BEACON receives two AmeriCorps members annually through a partnership with Literacy Council of Northern Virginia (LCNV); LCNV is the manager and fiscal agent of the AmeriCorps grant. AmeriCorps strengthens communities and develops leaders through direct, team-based national and community service. BEACON […]

BEACON’s Site Partners

BEACON enjoys a solid and dedicated network of site partners who consistently support our program objectives while serving their respective immigrant communities by offering free classroom space and generous support for the teacher volunteers. Currently, all of BEACON’s ESOL, Citizenship, Pre-GED, and Financial Literacy classes are held at local churches. Nestled in the heart of […]

The Path to Citizenship

What is involved in becoming a citizen? How does BEACON help? Many people wonder why more immigrants don’t become U.S. citizens. After all, how hard can it be? In fact, it can be extremely hard. The application form is 21 pages long and asks very detailed questions; it is challenging for a native English speaker, […]

Letter from the Director(s), Spring 2016

to all our friends and supporters of BEACON. 2015 has been a very exciting and productive year for BEACON. In 2015 we received over $140,000 in foundation grants. Over 90% of these funds were allocated to direct services—educating students and supporting our volunteers. In Program Year 2014-2015, we set out to improve systems and […]

The Volunteer Soul of BEACON

The mission of BEACON began in 1992, with just one volunteer: founder Sister Eileen Heaps of the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia. She taught English to 3 members of the Bristow monastery’s staff in a cozy nook within the facility, once a week.

BEACON: A Path to Immigration

English literacy is a crucial step for any immigrant building a life in America. From the most basic steps of acquiring housing to the more complex goal of stable employment, thriving in a community absolutely requires the ability to communicate with that community – and, for those needing assistance, communication is a prerequisite for getting help.

AmeriCorps: Getting Things Done for BEACON

Strengthening American communities through dedication and hard work is one of the founding principles of one of our country’s finest civil society programs: AmeriCorps.

Based on the successful models of the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930s and the U.S. military, every year, thousands of AmeriCorps service members are trained and sent into communities to develop new partnerships, and help create and support programs that strengthen American communities in need.

Letter from the Director: Summer 2015

Over 1,000 adults have received ESOL instruction and over 300 people have volunteered in some capacity to support our mission and scope of work. Sometimes I am in awe of what our dedicated staff has accomplished. We are blessed to have so many professionals dedicate a piece of their lives to volunteer service, working with our students and volunteers and supporting staff in all areas of program delivery and management.